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January 2024 Friday /Saturday evening bus survey

Wheldrake has responded to this survey in force with nearly 400 responses. These have been analysed and along with comments received are available to view by following the link:



Wheldrake Playpark - Thursday 25th February 2021

The playpark is closed until March 29th in response to multiple serious breaches of the rules in place for the current national lockdown resulting in attendance by North Yorkshire Police and the issue of dispersal orders.

The closure of the playpark was reviewed by the Parish Council on February 24th in the context of the February 22nd statement of the Prime Minister providing a roadmap for exit from the current lockdown. The closure will next be reviewed following the Government Covid-19 rules update for England expected on March 8th.



Wheldrake Playpark - Thursday 18th February 2021

It has been necessary to close the playpark until further notice following a complaint yesterday that led to the attendance of North Yorkshire Police and the issue of a dispersal order for failure to follow the rules of the present national lockdown.

The gates to the MUGA have been secured as has the entrance to the playpark with signs indicating that the PC will review the closure at our meeting on February 24th to take account of the Prime Minister's announcement of a road map to exiting the lockdown expected on February 22nd



Wheldrake Playpark – Thursday 7th January 2021

Concerns have been raised that the playpark remains open in line with Government guidance, while the Covid-19 virus is established in our community.

The Parish Council has decided that it will monitor the use made of the playpark to determine whether it is or is not being used in accordance with the behaviour required in the national lockdown implemented on January 4th, 2021. We don't want to have to close the playpark but we will do so without further notice if there is any evidence of misuse that could facilitate the further spread of Covid-19 in our community.

Please help keep the playpark open by following the hands - face -space social-distancing requirements and avoid interaction with other households while using the facility. Children aged 11 and under must be supervised at all times.

Older children caused the MUGA to be locked out of use last summer as there were repeated failures to socially-distance as required. Parents, if you allow your older children to use the playpark unsupervised, please instill in them the part they must play in limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus by exercising with no more than a single person from another household.




Message from the Police - 26th November 2020


Dear Parish Council and Residents of Wheldrake,

I just want to introduce myself, I am DI Carol Kirk of the Major Investigation Team and I am overseeing the investigation into the report of an attack in the village. Whilst I can’t disclose too much about the investigation I can assure you that the team have been working very diligently and have reviewed a vast amount of CCTV for which I am grateful to the community for. We always encourage anyone who may have observations they feel they want to share to do so with the investigation team or their local area officers and PCSO’s. We hope to have the incident resolved soon. Residents of the village should continue to feel safe in their community. It is evident that there is a sense of neighbourhood care and awareness which is to the communities credit.

Inspector Lee Pointon is the Neighbourhood Police Team (NPT) inspector for the village and was present at the Parish Council meeting, he has advised us that the village is still safe and that the distressing incident that occurred in the village is being thoroughly investigated and whilst upsetting for the residents there is no immediate or apparent threat. The NPT will continue to be present in the village to offer reassurance if anyone wants to speak to an officer or ask for advice/information then please contact the local team on the below e mail address:




Let's keep everyone safe by playing by the rules


On several occasions in recent days, particularly before and after school, the permitted numbers of children have significantly exceeded the posted limits for each zone of the playpark.

Also, there are children who, despite the presence of parents, are not using hand sanitiser before and after they use each piece of equipment. 

By keeping to the arrangements in place at the playpark we can all help to limit the spread of Covid-19 within our community to those for whom it is a potentially serious illness

Parents, please help to keep the playpark open by supervising younger children and reminding older users of the playpark to play by the rules as posted at the entrance to the playpark.

If there isn’t greater conformance with the Covid-19 arrangements for the use of the playpark, it will be closed.

October 14th, 2020


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